VPS Hosting

A virtual server is a good choice for a medium start.

Why choose VPS Hosting

An excellent choice for web developers, webmasters, resellers, and for those who run resource-intensive websites, VPS Hosting operates and performs just like an independent physical machine would, except it's partitioned into multiple “virtual” servers, offering security and flexibility.

SSD storage

SSD space allows you to use high speed and high processing power on the hard drive

Easy upgrade

You can easily upgrade the server completely with a few clicks

Multiple Linux Distros

Select the desired distributor to set up the virtual server

Admin Support

You are a complete virtual server administrator

Guaranteed Resources

We guarantee the available resources.

Full Root Access

Full and independent root access from you

Quick Provisioning

We can always provide you with new facilities and resources

Intuitive Dashboard

A complete dashboard and the possibility of complete and independent monitoring and management at your disposal

Powered by SSD

100% Faster Solid State Drive Server

  • Ultrafast Data Read/Write Speeds
  • Enterprise Grade Hardware
  • Highest Data Protection Reliability

VPS Hosting Price Table

$ 4.99 /mo
$ 9.99 /mo
$ 14.99 /mo
$ 20.00 /mo
$ 26.50 /mo
Disk space 30GB SSD 50GB SSD 70GB SSD 100GB SSD 200GB SSD
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
CPU 1 Cpu 2 Cpu 4 Cpu 6 Cpu 8 Cpu
IP 1 1 1 1 1
Free CPanel (internal) - - yes yes yes
Operating System Linux / Windows Linux / Windows Linux / Windows Linux / Windows Linux / Windows
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Frequently asked questions

Technical Questions

Technical Questions

  • Linux / Windows
  • Multiple locations
  • Private Network
  • Quick VNC access
  • rDNS support
  • Top notch network built with Tier 1 ISPs
  • SSD Storage
  • Tier IV Data Center
  • Neustar’s DDoS protection
  • Backed by Juniper Networks
  • cPanel (only with CentOS 7)
  • Plesk Onyx
  • SAN Storage
  • CDN
  • Free cPanel Migrations
  • Plesk Migrations
  • Boot, Login, Network, Hardware, Rebuild
  • Basic server optimisation, patching & hardening
  • Basic setup of Applications & Firewall

General Questions

General Questions

How does ServerVim work ?

We have a large network of different servers around the world to host you and you can set up the site with peace of mind.

It is the space where your information is stored, the final sum of your stored data!

Fair consumption to the extent that it does not cause problems in the network.

PayPal, Bitcoin, Bank Transfer, Visa Card and MasterCard.

The fastest way is to send a ticket to either the phone or the company office.